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WOMAN - 20-35yo - Fluent in English - Expressive voice

Big Boy Systems
We are looking for a woman between 20 and 35 years old to play a victim of sexual assault who comes to the police station to file a complaint. The voice expression is very important, as the actress hardly appears in the frame. If you are interested, please send a full-length photo, an audio recording in English and experience. Experience required. Paid project under RPI or Smart contract. Shooting: Saturday 19 March 2021 in Deinze (1/2 day of shooting). Scenario: A woman victim of a sexual assault comes to file a complaint at the police station. When she makes her statement, the different actors she is confronted with have an attitude that leads to a secondary victimization (guilt, uneasiness, loss of confidence,..). More information on request.
Les candidatures sont fermées pour cette annonce.